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Corporate vision 企业愿景

Corporate mission 企业使命

Nature of lighting is light,our mission is to bring the superior light to all over the world.

Our mission is to fabricate the excellent LED glass lens in order to assist customer achieve the full and complete use of LED light source applications, and reach the highest performance as well as change the beam patterns and angles with different requirements of applications.

Seven- Star Value 客户


Kunrui’s view on business management 团队


Kunrui’s view on business management 创新

Everybody should try to achieve a balance between personal and professional life. Respect your team members without losing the competitive edge.

Kunrui’s view on happiness 坤锐的幸福感

Work hard, live happily!

Everything,even the most magnificent force is from the seemingly smallest polymerization. Therefore, we encourage every employee to broaden their horizons as large as possible and develop self-potential. We pay more attention to overall situation and our common greatness will be much easier to be achieved