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KRMZ-70 LED long distance Irradiation system for airports,stadiums,bridges,high pole light:

This lighting optical system mainly solves the lighting problems of low efficiency,short projection distance, low uniformity of color temperature, short lifespan, which always appears in stadiums, airports, bridges, high pole lighting area. The light is collected based on the method of internal total reflection, light distribution curve will be adjusted to the shape of raindrop shape through the optical optimization algorithm. Compared with traditional stadiums lighting lamp, airports lighting lamp, bridges lighting lamp and high pole lighting lamp, these led lighting module efficiency has increased by 78%, illuminance increased by 82%, and has reduced the maintenance rate by 65%,which has been used by Singapore IPVled and other corp.

The R&D of KRHP-67 LED Free-form Surface Optical glass Lens for 0°Elevated Angle high pole Lighting

LED optical lens is an important part of LED lamps, and good LED lens can enhance luminous efficiency. According to different lighting requirement,different led lenses can be used to change the LED light field distribution.However, if the lens design is unreasonable,it will cause the loss of light, and affect the lighting performance.

For the existing high pole lighting lamps, most of their designs are taking reflective cups as optical component. However, the lighting angle of reflective cup is always very big ,which will lead to the poor illuminance uniformity under 0.15. At the same time, the workers need constantly to adjust the direction of the lamps in the installation process , in order to acquire a good performance of the lamp, which will raise the difficulty rate of installation.

These problems are solved by the R&D of KRHP-67 LED glass lens, and this lens has a higher performance for high pole lighting,airport lighting,harbor lighting:

1. Obtained a higher Illumination uniformity and brightness uniformity, more than 0.6;
2. 0 degree elevation angle is easier for workers to confirm the installation angle, which also conforms the installation condition to the North American lighting standard with 0 ° elevation installation angle of high pole light field.