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Where are the new impetus for the development of lighting industry?

July 01.JULY 2017

As we know, China's lighting industry with the development of macroeconomic environment. At present, the LED industry capacity serious surplus, more than 30,000 enterprises divide the market. The market is full of a large number of low-cost, low-quality lighting products,can not meet the increasingly high standard demand for lighting market.
      Supply side reform will accelerate the elimination of low-end and backward production capacity of LED industry, and promote the industry reshuffle. So, Where are the new impetus for the development of lighting industry.

From the economic level
      Firstly, foreign trade, the global economy is still counting on China; Secondly, investment, after experiencing investment driven stimulation since 2008, investment has entered the bubble stage.
      According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, In the first quarter of 2017, gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 6.9%, the highest value in nearly a year and a half, and the contribution of consumption to economic growth was 77.2%.
      The rise of domestic consumption, is becoming an important starting point for the economy. At present, China is experiencing the upgrade of third stage of consumption, People's demand for spiritual consumption and quality life is on the rise.
      From a technical level
      With the rapid development of global informatization in the world, The demand for information in the world is growing rapidly,and information technology has become the cornerstone of today's economic and social life. Internet of Things and cloud computing have been developed and developed as new heights and forms of information technology and applied to various fields of daily life.

The next five years, how to do as the downstream lighting dealers?
      Follow the brand. In the future, with the intensification of capital competition, the advantages of big brands in resources and channels will become more and more obvious. small brands will continue to erode the market space, followed by big brands, is the most reliable way.
       Product upgrade. The supply side reform from top to bottom, and from bottom to top the third consumption upgrade, will speed up the elimination of cheap, low-quality lighting products and promote the industry to the high-end direction; in the Internet of things, cloud computing and other information technology blessing, high-quality lighting products, Intelligent home system of intelligent lighting and on-demand lighting, will be the future direction of development.
      The whole network integration. Over the past 10 years, the rapid development of e-commerce, caused a serious impact to the offline market; the next 10 years, pure electricity business model has developed to high point, online and offline tends to unity, scene type, experiential consumption is a new trend.
       Strengthen service. The development of a new generation of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, will break the hardware and software boundaries of products. Including intelligent home with intelligent lighting, intelligent community and other systematic products will become the mainstream, in the production and service stripping business model trend, the lighting dealer should strengthen the service capacity in the consumer side, to enhance their value in the manufacturers and terminals.

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